Naomi Campbell UK ELLE March 2024

Models on the covers of mainstream fashion titles will always and forever have a special place in our hearts. After all, it’s not an occurrence each and every month with most. Thankfully for us, Kenya Hunt is welcoming the super of all supermodels as cover star to British ELLE’s March 2024 edition, bestowing upon us none other than Naomi Campbell. As a result, the Brit fashion icon makes a much-welcomed return to the magazine’s front cover, 14 years after her last. Captured by Quil Lemons and styled by Georgia Medley, Naomi wears a crisp white shirt from her upcoming collaboration with Hugo Boss in the minimalist cover photograph.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Styling and photography just doesn’t do it for me,” Urban Stylin voiced the moment the cover dropped.

“Naomi looks absolutely terrible,” chimed in lookatme.

TerraVera wasn’t all too impressed either, commenting: “This ain’t it. Naomi’s face is weird in almost a silicone face mask kinda way. It’s as if she’s about to sneeze, but trying to hold it in through mouth-breathing. Not working at all!”

“Yikes. What a stain on her impressive portfolio. That styling is what hurts me most. Even the most boring of photographs can usually be saved by great styling, but this is atrocious,” exclaimed aracic.

Vogue28 felt the same way: “For a March issue, it just feels like a total non-event and the styling is so… banal and basic. There’s zero energy or excitement.”

“Literally, giving us nothing. I’m so bored of Naomi,” shared WAVES.

See more of Naomi Campbell as British ELLE‘s March 2024 cover star and join the conversation, here.

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