Nordstrom Styling Non-Binary Androgynous Outfits 2023

The closest I’ve ever had to a styling experience was shopping with my mom for my prom dress and getting help from the associates. This was definitely not that. When you book a free in-store or online 30-minute appointment, you share your sizes, budget, and preferences, answering questions like “What are you looking to focus on for your wardrobe or lifestyle needs right now?” and “What are your favorite brands and colors to wear?” As someone who’s constantly rebranding myself, I was really looking forward to my styling services. Is that the Aquarius or the genderqueer identity, who knows? Nevertheless, I’m always ready to start fresh — especially since I’ve gotten more comfortable with my gender identity. I gave my stylist Amanda McCarthy the following guideline: “I’m looking for androgynous pieces, something that is both feminine and masculine. My top 3 things are comfort, stylishly baggy, and neutral colors.” She absolutely knocked it out of the park — a home run all the way. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I walked into that extra-large fitting room and saw several outfits hung up that perfectly matched the description of what I wanted, I was sold. I bought most of the pieces she picked out for me, and if I could have purchased them all, I would have. I truly couldn’t recommend the Nordstrom styling enough, especially if you’re someone in between sizes — they know exactly what brand runs big, small, or true-to-size. I’ve never had a smoother shopping experience. Curious? Keep on reading to see how this Nordstrom stylist dressed this non-binary lesbian up for summer.

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