Normani On Her Collab With Cracker ‘Jill’ And Uplifting Other Women

Courtesy of Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack, the iconic snack, is adding a few new faces to its roster, including R&B princess, Normani. The star has teamed up with the brand to celebrate the tenacity of women in sports and introduce a fresh face to its lineup: Cracker Jill.

Courtesy of Courtesy of Cracker Jack

Drawing inspiration from the concept that “sometimes all it takes to know you can do something, is to see someone who looks like you do it first,” Cracker Jill is mirrored through five different female representations, reflecting the diversity, ability, and backgrounds of all women, with designs by illustrator, Monica Ahanonu

Normani shares that her initial draw to partner with the brand known for its game-time goodies came from her childhood sports ambitions. “As a former competitive athlete myself, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to help inspire and elevate other young girls who share the same upbringing as I had,” she tells ESSENCE.

In the spirit of the campaign, Normani expresses the importance of uplifting women not only on the field but also within the music industry, which can at times promote a “there can be only one” mentality. “There’s room for all of us at the table and we need to spread that message to men and women in all walks of life, not just in music,” she says. 

The 25-year-old singer, who has recently traded her “Wild Side” for a more vulnerable approach with her latest single “Fair,” laid her vocals on a reimagined take of the baseball classic, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

With the change in style and shifts in sounds, Normani credits her willingness to stay rooted in her vision while keeping a positive support system around her as the key factors to bringing more fun and enjoyment back into her creative process these days.

“I never compromise on my vision,” she says. “I work with amazing people who help me achieve my goals and I guess you could say that being the perfectionist that I am, has its benefits. I believe everything has its time to shine and there is a process you have to respect.” 

If there was ever a more perfect example of “trusting the process,” Normani would be it. She has been transparent about life after performing with the girl group Fifth Harmony. In the time after the group decided to take a break, she had to overcome doubts that she wouldn’t be able to successfully make it as a solo act. She has worked through those feelings by creating from a place of self-validation and focusing on the beauty of the present.

“When I see the results from all my hard work, and I take the time to reflect, it helps me appreciate what I do and all I have achieved,” she says. “I’m always working and looking forward so it’s important I take the time to look after myself and stop and smell the roses every now and then.”

Normani continues to use her platform and talent to represent the many layers that Black women possess. There’s even more layers she plans to show.

“I’m just so excited for you all to get to know me more with this new album,” she says of her forthcoming work. “All sides of Normani are about to shine through! Just you wait!” 

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