Queer Tarot Deck By Ash + Chess Launch & Review

Are you queer? Are you into tarot? Well, the best of both worlds has finally landed in your rainbow-tinted shop-a-verse. The much-anticipated Queer Tarot deck from Ash & Chess, the LGBTQ-owned stationery brand extraordinaire and creators of The Gay Agenda, launched today after months of teasing on the company’s social media channels. Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham, a queer and trans couple, decided to “make a big ol’ gay, all-encompassing tarot deck.” Packed to the brim with bold colors and pride-flag imagery, this tarot deck is everything our gay little hearts have been yearning for. While other modern-day decks have queer representation in some of their cards, every single card in the Queer Tarot depicts nothing but gay, trans, and queer individuals. It’s hard for me to put into words, but fellow LGBTQ folks will recognize how this deck managed to capture the indescribable magic of queer joy. There’s not one straight vibe, trust me. Keep scrolling to see what I — a non-binary lesbian tarot card reader — really think of this wonderfully queer deck (spoiler: I love it). If you’ve been searching for a tarot deck that reflects what you and your community actually look like, the search is officially over.

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