Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review

But in 2018, my perspective shifted. The queen bee blessed the world with a once-in-a-lifetime performance, and I’ll never forget how desperately I wished I could have witnessed the iconic set in person. Between the legendary trio reunion, the marching band, and 100 incredible dancers, I knew that I had to make the trek out to Indio and experience all that is Coachella at least once in my lifetime. After two years of no-Chella, my time finally arrived — the opportunity to attend Coachella for my first time while test-driving Ray-Ban Stories Smart glasses, which look like regular Ray-Ban Wayfarers but with built-in camera and audio functions that allow me to both listen to the music and seamlessly capture content. Keep reading for my day-in-the-desert diary and how these smart sunglasses will forever change the way I do music festivals.

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