Receptionist in Brooklyn, NY — Money Diary

Occupation: Reception
Industry: Real Estate
Age: 28
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Salary: $45,000
Net Worth: Definitely in the negative, but not entirely sure. I only started contributing to my 401(k) a year ago and I have a lot of debt.
Debt: $45,000 in student loans, $2,000 in credit card debt from when I got my master’s degree in England
Paycheck Amount (1x/week): $591
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $875 for my room in a three bedroom — looking at it now with prices in New York as bad as they are, this is a steal.
Student Loans: $0 (on pause)
Credit Cards: $410
Gym: $260
Money Sent To Parents: $200 (I usually try to pay their utility bill)
Utilities/Internet: $100
Apple Music: $5
Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+: $0, between my sister and her friends I have been spoiled
HBO Max: $30 annually (my share, split with my sister who got a special offer)
Vision Insurance: $8
Health Insurance: $0 (I still have another few months of free health insurance because I qualified for free health insurance through the city of New York during last open enrollment period. In a few months I will join my work’s health insurance plan.)
401(k): not currently contributing, but will start again soon

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