Relax, Relate, Release: Your May Horoscope Is Here


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Relax, Relate, Release. Get ready to shed any bad energy that has kept you from reaching your potential. A full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio is coming on May 5 to remove that creative block you’ve been experiencing. Avoid overindulging in expensive habits due to Jupiter’s being in Taurus starting May 16. Uranus will enter retrograde on May 12, so look for technological inventions to surface. Remain cool, calm, and collected. With Mercury in retrograde ending on May 31, you may finally be able to slow down and smell the roses. 


(April 20 to May 20) 

This birthday month finds you reflecting on your accomplishments and the things you have overcome. You are being hard on yourself—and feel almost selfish for wanting to focus on you. However, this is the time to  
let your hair down and relax your mind. The funds are there to be used, so do so wisely, and enjoy! 


(December 22 to January 19)  

Redefine yourself by making time for things or activities that will bring you joy and force you to think more creatively. Traveling solo and seeking fresh experiences are nothing new to you, but have you tried doing something that connects you to a wider community? Join a running club, participate in a poetry-slam session or choose a book and start a book club. 


(January 20 to February 18) 

These past months have been hard on you. You’ve spent money on so many things that you do not use. Taking a financial-literacy class or seminar will help you learn how to manage your resources wisely. When the going gets tough, how we handle adversity is a testament to our strength and resilience. 


(February 19 to March 20) 

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Shopping sprees have been your feel-good distraction from most issues, but has that healed you? Acquiring new possessions won’t help you process some of the feelings you have been brooding on lately. Perhaps it’s time to invest in some technology opportunities that will help you double your money and expand your social network.


(March 21 to April 19) 

Everybody has been yelling your name constantly, asking you to fix their problems. Have you been listening to your body and taking care of your health? Stress is the -number-one cause of multiple unnecessary -illnesses. Establish a better morning routine,  adopt a skin care regimen and be sure to take those much-needed self-care days. 


(May 21 to June 21) 

You have been experiencing financial troubles, due to overindulging in those fancy restaurants and high-end purchases. There is more to life than expensive vacations or luxury cars. Try to see the other side of the coin. Spend some quality time with family and friends, because they miss you. 


(June 22 to July 21)  

Have you been thinking about doing more vlogging, beefing up your podcasting or pursuing some kind of certification? You always seem to attract the right type of attention; people gravitate to you and want to hear what  you have to say. Take advantage of those new high-tech options to grow your audience and expand your way of thinking. 


(July 22 to August 22) 

Are you noticing the patterns within yourself that you need to change to achieve success? Invest in some self-help books, tune into some healing podcasts or listen to some healthy dialogue online, to help you examine both sides of a difficult issue that you may find yourself facing.  


(August 23 to September 21) 

You and a business partner might need to revisit an old conversation and negotiate some updated stipulations to ensure that both of you walk away satisfied. Some new opportunities to make money are on the horizon. Be sure to network effectively with some of your lucrative connections. 


(September 22 to October 22) 

Recent changes in your -family dynamics have left you feeling like the mediator between your loved ones. Some counseling by an objective outsider is highly recommended, as you won’t be able to solve the conflicts by yourselves. Family bonding activities could help to get you all on the same page. 


(October 23 to November 21) 

Meditation is your answer to the majority of your problems. Some difficult emotions have been resurfacing for you, and you need to release the energies that are stopping you from growing into the person you want to be. Try starting your mornings with a hot cup of tea and some therapeutic music. 


(November 22 to December 21) 

Investment endeavors are becoming  
more profitable than ever before. You’ve worked hard and are starting to see the results of your labor. It might be time to  
put some of your earnings into stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency—and watch your money grow. 

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