Research Assistant in Illinois — Money Diary

Occupation: Graduate Research Assistant
Industry: Academia
Age: 27
Location: Illinois
My Salary: $25,884
My Husband’s Income: $16.20/hour (He also has minority ownership of a small hobby business. His total income is variable, but last year it was about $40,000. We do not share finances so this is not a joint income, but we do split expenses.)
Net Worth: $33,119 ($17,610 403(b) + $15,664 (savings) + $245 (checking) – $400 debt. I haven’t been great at contributing to retirement. I saved 8% for two and a half years and nothing since. Hoping to start saving at least 15% after I graduate. My husband and I split all shared expenses and do not combine money.)
Debt: $400 (left from last year’s medical bills. I had “good” insurance at my last job and still paid several thousand out of pocket for quarterly bloodwork and biannual infusions for a chronic health issue. I also had several UTIs that required urgent care visits and antibiotics. This should be paid off in the next few months. I’m hoping to spend much less time at the doctor in 2022.)
Paycheck Amount: $1,938 (monthly stipend); $375–$480 biweekly for data entry (I’m capped at 10 hours a week); $144 biweekly for coaching (three classes a week)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $453 (for my half of a three-bed, one-bath condo shared with my husband)
Utilities & Wifi: $100
Pet Supplies: ~$75 (This includes prescription diets for both of my cats, plus litter.)
Spotify & Hulu: $4.99
Microsoft Office: $7.56
Phone: $20
Car & Renter’s Insurance: $54 (I pay $325 every six months)
Health Insurance: $120 per semester

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