Road Tripping For Memorial Day Weekend? 10 Essentials To Bring

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Road trips can be a memorable adventure or a necessary evil. Either way, it’s something you may be doing this Memorial Day weekend for the fun of it or to visit loved ones. To make your trip more enjoyable and minimize stress, think about items you need to carry along with you.

While the list of items that could make road trips smooth is endless, we’ve put together some essentials. These items should make your trip safer, more efficient, and keep any passengers you have happy too.  

Vicseed Magnetic Car Phone Mount $18.69

I personally have used this car mount, and let me tell you it’s a godsend. It eliminates the danger of constantly looking down at your phone while you’re driving, especially when going long distances. The mount works with iPhones, Samsung, and several other phone brands. You pop the magnet they provide on the back of your phone, then put your phone on the mount and voila. 

Caboo Bamboo Baby Wipes $29.99 (for Box of 432)

Whether you’re traveling with kids or simply need to clean up a mess, wipes are a must. Caboo bamboo baby wipes don’t contain nylon, plastic fibers, trees, or harsh chemicals, making them a good fit for all the environmentally friendly folk out there. You’d be doing forests a favor by using these wipes and they’re 95% water, which means they may do a better job of cleaning up messes and you can use fewer to do so. 

Car Power Strip Inverter $49.99

When you have multiple passengers in the car, one charging point may not cut it. A car power strip ensures multiple people can charge their phones at once and you can ride in peace no matter how old your model is. Be mindful of how many watts your car’s power socket can take though so you don’t blow the fuse. 

Gasbuddy App $0-$9.99

This isn’t something you need to buy, lucky for you, but it can save you money along the way. With gas prices skyrocketing, Gasbuddy can tell you the price of gas at various locations around you so you’re able to go with the best deal. They have a free version of the app, but the premium version offers added perks. For instance, it guarantees that you’ll get at least $0.40 cents off each gallon, provides roadside assistance and has exclusive Gasback offers. If you go with the premium version, just make sure the savings offset the monthly cost. 

Drive Auto Products Trash Can $19.99

This fancy cooler looking bag is a car trash can that could come in handy. Not sure about you, but I hate when trash is floating around the car during a long drive. The Drive Auto Products garbage is leakproof, meaning fewer stains in your car (unless you have wild toddlers). It comes with disposable liners and a quick-clip strap that attaches to a headrest or other locations in the car.

Scosche Rear Seat Headrest Mount $18.59

If you have little ones or even just want to help a back seat passenger easily enjoy watching shows, get this rear seat headrest mount. It apparently works with all tablets and iPads and has dimensions of 5.0 Inches (H) x 5.5 Inches (W) x 10.0 Inches (D). 

Brica® Out-N-About™ Trunk Organizer & Changing Station $40.00

Riding long distances with kids in the car can be exhausting, especially when they constantly request things while you’re driving. A back seat organizer like the one made by Brica helps you organize all the essential things they need and can. This could include food, snacks, toys, drinks and anything else in an easily accessible place. And if you’re also traveling with a very little one, this organizer comes with a diaper changing pad, wipes case and disposable diaper bags.

Calpak Silk Neck Pillow and Eye Mask Set $95

Taking turns driving during your road trip? This Calpak silk neck pillow and eye mask set can help you get some shut eye while you’re in the passenger seat. It’s made with premium hypoallergenic silk and you can remove and wash the pillow cover. For the organized people, it comes inside a clear bag so you can keep it clean. 

AeroPress Coffee Maker $39.95

Instead of stopping at Starbucks every few hours, buy a portable coffee brewer. Not only will you save some dollars, but you can also have as much as you need to stay energized during your trip. This AeroPress coffee maker makes it possible to make your coffee or espresso while on the go. 

Sun Visor Tissue Holder $10.79

This car tissue holder makes life easier when you need to blow your nose or wipe your hands. You can reach up instead of scrambling around the car looking for tissue and trying to get it out of the box. It has a nice sleek polyurethane leather exterior and doesn’t take up much space in your car.


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