Second Life Podcast: Mélanie Masarin

A few years ago, a new, beautifully designed spirits-free aperitif brand, Ghia, entered the scene. Designed to evoke the spirit of drinking by transporting one to a space that’s about simple pleasures without numbing the night, Ghia is a modern brand that has revolutionized the relationship between drinking and socializing. At the helm of the brand is founder Mélanie Masarin. Inspired by her hometown of Lyon, France, and her cherished summers spent in the South of France near the Mediterranean with her friends and family, Masarin re-created the magical aperitivo hour when establishing Ghia’s core values. And as many trailblazers do, Masarin saw a gap in the market when she realized there was a lack of exciting and intricately made mocktails. Thus, she sought to create her own.

Since its launch, Ghia has garnered recognition from esteemed publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue and can be found in over 650 stockists throughout the United States. In addition, Ghia’s noteworthy products, such as the original Apéritif infused with bitter botanicals and herbs and the Le Spritz that debuted in 2021, have won prestigious awards in the industry. In fact, Ghia was the first non-alcoholic brand in history to win Esquire‘s Drink of the Year award in 2020 and recently was named one of Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies in consumer goods in 2022.

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