Should You Be Double Cleansing Your Scalp And Body?

“Double cleansing your body and scalp can be a good way to remove any buildup that has accumulated throughout the day, but it’s not a necessary step,” explains Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engleman of New York’s Shafer Clinic. Basically, between SPF, makeup, sweat, pollutants, and natural oils, we tend to accumulate a lot more impurities on our faces than we do on the rest of our bodies, which are protected by clothing and hair. “Regular cleansing with a good body wash and shampoo should be enough for the body and scalp on most days. The exception is if you were wearing sunscreen, body makeup, or anything else that tends to be harder to clean — then you might want to double cleanse to really ensure that you’ve cleared everything from your skin,” she says.

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