Should You Keep Relationships Off Social Media?

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Entrepreneurial mogul Supa Cent recently announced her engagement to her partner and fellow entrepreneur Rayzor on their one-year anniversary. Less than a month after people celebrated with her, there is now someone spreading rumors about her relationship. The rumors, stemming from a faceless Instagram page, claim that Rayzor cheated and had a baby with another woman. Of course, negative news spreads like wildfire so fans and foes alike have been all over the story. 

Those who follow Supa know she’s going to speak her mind, so shortly after the rumor mill started spinning, she hopped on Live to address it. 

“The same thing happened when I was with Lou. As soon as I got engaged, a baby page came out. Somebody said they was pregnant, nobody face was being shown,” the social media influencer said. 

Supa believes the fake page is targeting her personally and says she won’t be giving her ring back or leaving her man. In other words, she gon’ stick beside him so no weapon formed against them will prosper. 

One thing that caught my attention was commenters who said things along the lines of “This is why you should keep your relationship private” or “This is why you shouldn’t post your business on social media.” Supa has been open about sharing her love life on social media, be it with her ex Louis or rapper Sage The Gemini.

I have always found this debate interesting, especially in an era when many are criticized for oversharing. How much of your relationship should you share, and does choosing to share mean you deserve any negativity that comes your way as a result?

On one hand, you can choose not to post your partner on social media, because no face, no case. We’ve seen the trend of people posting a body part of their partner only. And some don’t post anything at all and just pop up married one day. What is the best way to do things when you’re happy but want to protect your relationship?

I think it depends on your personality. It isn’t wrong to share intimate parts of your life and the special person that brings you joy. Unfortunately, people on the Internet have no boundaries and having a social media account gives them an all-access pass to comment on your life or as Supa suggested, target you. So, if you are going to share, you’ll need skin thick enough to take any criticism, judgment, or ill intentions that get hurled your way. That said, it isn’t wrong to want to share something that is such a central part of your life. In sharing you may inspire other people, which happens to be one of the upsides of social media. 

I am not a social media influencer, but when I was married, I posted my partner and moments we shared together online. So, when we separated and I deleted all of his pictures from my page, I had curious Joes trying to put the pieces together and figure out my relationship status. I couldn’t be mad because that’s part of the territory when you choose to share. I have since chosen not to open up about my love life on social media because I don’t want acquaintances and strangers to have an opinion on something that is sacred to me, whether their opinions are good or bad. Instead, I share with close loved ones and friends who I know have my best interest at heart.  

Choosing not to share your relationship is also a valid personal choice and doesn’t make you superior or more mature than those who go the opposite route. It just means you may not have the capacity to deal with people commenting on your relationship and you want to keep your special moments between you and your lover (and/or your inner circle). It could also mean privacy is of great value to you and that’s ok too. However, I don’t believe in not sharing out of fear that you might break up because living in the moment is important. Not all love lasts forever, and breakups aren’t something to be ashamed of.

At the end of the day, whether you’re public or private, my belief is that outsiders can’t destroy what is built on a solid foundation. Nobody’s “negative energy” is greater than what God has His hand on. Supa’s comments are a great example of this. Fake pages can’t break their bond because the love she believes she shares with her fiancé is solid. 


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