Silk Pillowcase Skin & Hair Benefits

Personally, I think a lot of the value of a beauty product is derived from your likelihood of using it. A $150 facial serum is utterly worthless if it sits at the back of your bathroom cabinet, oxidizing and collecting dust because of some sort of “saving for later” mentality. Likewise, there’s no point spending a lot on face masks and leave-in hair conditioning treatments if you’re a wash-and-go girl. For me, there are certain products that exist in my routine because they give me pause to not talk (sheet masks), to not scroll through Instagram (an eye treatment), to not walk around my apartment, doing odd jobs (giving myself a pedicure) — that sort of thing. They calm my mind and give me time to unpack my thoughts without having to really engage with them. Some people have a similar experience when gaming, but what do I know. I still couldn’t tell you if the games console in my apartment is an Xbox or a PlayStation.

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