Sorry, But These 7 Makeup Products Are Actually A Scam

Depending on the type of makeup you’re using, a sponge could quite literally be drinking it all up — and wasting your money, says Gallagher. “When you use a sponge with fuller coverage, densely pigmented foundation or concealer, it helps to soften the finish of the makeup and create a flawless complexion. But since the turn of the 2020s, lightweight skincare and makeup hybrid formulas have become more popular.” Think skin tints and tinted moisturizers, says Gallagher. “When you use a sponge with something so skincare based, it absorbs the product a lot more easily, meaning that you need to buy it quicker,” adds Gallagher. She recommends using your fingers to apply softer-finish complexion products: “You’ll find that your tube of product lasts for many more weeks, if not months.” 

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