Steve Lacy On Becoming One Of YSL’s MYSLF Fragrance Voices

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beauty

Trendsetting seems to come naturally to Steve Lacy. We saw it happen with his hit song “Bad Habit”– from the Gemini Rights album that went viral on TikTok last year. Not only that, he expresses himself via a plethora of looks: from microbraids to his signature mask glasses. Additionally, “fragrance is definitely an extension of my personal style,” he tells ESSENCE. 

That said– on the heels of creating his very own Fender strat, and gracing the cover of Variety– it only makes sense that he is one of YSL Beauty’s newest MYSLF Fragrance voices. For Lacy– who gives life to the fragrance alongside Finn Wolfhard, Lil Yachty, Hunter Doohan, and Noah Beck– the decision to collaborate with the brand was a no-brainer. “They always represent creatives authentically and they let me be my true self in this campaign,” he shares. 

Steve Lacy On Becoming One Of YSL’s MYSLF Fragrance Voices
Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beauty

The fragrance itself is a gorgeous blend of fresh accord, orange blossom, and woods accord– all bottled up inside of a sleek, black lacquer bottle. “It has this unique combination of wood and floral notes,” Lacy says. “It evolves over time as you wear it, and literally everyone thinks it’s dope.” In other words, it’s versatile enough to be worn both day and night, as Lacy mentions. 

And speaking of dopeness, you can expect Lacy to continue creating the music, pulling the looks, and collaborating with brands that authentically represent him. “I love brands,” like YSL, “that are true to their past, yet always evolve to what’s modern,” he says. “That’s difficult to do, but something you always need to strive for.” 

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