The 12 Best Diptyque Perfumes of All Time, Ranked

I wholeheartedly realize that even when I’m completely ecstatic about a certain perfume brand or particular scent, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is. (Fragrance is a very, very personal thing, after all!) But… 

During my time as a beauty editor and self-proclaimed perfume savant, there have been particular brands, fragrance families, and bottles that I, and pretty much everyone I know and love, go absolutely wild for. My fellow beauty editors and I have a separate running chat solely dedicated to our current scent obsessions, and to this day, I’ve never recommended a perfume to a loved one that hasn’t become an object of obsession in their life. Additionally, some brands and cult-classic perfumes are so iconic, beloved, and studded with best-selling bottles that it’s impossible not to make the overarching conjecture that they’re practically return-proof and bona fide compliment getters. Parisian fragrance house Diptyque is one such brand. 

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