The 28 Best Minimalist Handbags, Chosen by an Editor

As a so-called “crazy bag lady” by my closest fashion friends and boyfriend (who, admittedly, bares the brunt of my purse-hunting obsession with the closet space I’ve slowly taken over), I know a thing or two about purses. From $20 thrifted finds to high-street luxury buys that have taken me years to save up for, to call me anything but a handbag aficionado would be an understatement. So, when I say that next year’s biggest handbag trend will continue to be understated, sleek styles that blend seamlessly into any era of your wardrobe, you better believe me. 

While handbag trends come and go, there will always be a dedicated section in my heart to timeless, “buy now, wear forever” bags that look incredibly expensive. For the most part, any bag that’s a neutral color, simple design, and sans logo will do the trick, although more and more designers are pushing the boundaries on minimalist handbags that still feel fun without being too over-the-top. 

Below, browse some minimalist handbags at every price point that look incredibly luxe. If you buy more than one from this list, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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