The 29 Best Poplin Dresses We’ll Be Wearing All Season

We’ve reached the very happy point in the year where I’m slowly bringing out my summer dresses. This usually happens one by one and then all at once, and I love to watch the process of my closest transitioning over. I must admit something, though—not every item I bring out of storage ends up being a winner.

I have a hard time letting go of things, especially when I have memories attached to them, so you might find some outdated dresses in the collection. I’ve rounded up the things I am currently adding to the donation pile. On the other hand, there’s one dress trend I think is seriously worth investing in right now: the cotton poplin dress. It’s lightweight and elegant and comes in so many iterations you’ll never grow tired of it. Also, the best part is it will never end up in a donation bin. Scroll down to find your summer uniform.

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