The 30 Best Denim Skirts That Are Making a Fashion Comeback

When I say the words “denim skirt,” your mind probably goes to a classic mini that often features cross-stitching where a pair of jeans would typically split. That description matches the most popular style over the past few years. I can still remember a time when I wouldn’t go more than a few days without wearing my denim mini. The times have changed, and as fashion designers are pushing for longer hemlines, I’m convinced that the sleek maxi aesthetic that ruled the 1990s is going to be the name on everybody’s hips. Fashion people have agreed with them, including the long silhouette in even their casual wardrobes. 

This leads to the phenomenon of the longer skirt that I have been seeing all throughout New York City. As temperatures rise, skirt lengths will do the opposite. It’s guaranteed that every It girl will be wearing this come summer. One might call it outdated—having peaked in the early 2000s—but word is out that this staple is back and very much here to stay. With this item being at the top of my list rn, take a look at the below 30 pieces I currently have floating in my shopping cart.

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