The 35 Coolest Fashion Finds an Editor Saw in May

At the risk of sounding like a broken record here, I’m going to say: Wow, this month really came and went. Sure, I make the same remark every 30-or-so days, but something about May really did make it feel as though it went by in a flash! Perhaps it was the excitement over spring or the thrill of summer’s impending arrival and the dressing that comes along with it. Nonetheless, it was still memorable, especially when it comes to fashion.

In all my shopping—I mean, working—this month, I saw hundreds of products that I wanted to (and did) share with you all, but there were a whopping thirty-five pieces I truly couldn’t stop thinking about. Below, you’ll see why, as I’ve rounded them all up to bring you the ultimate roundup of exciting pieces, from beachwear to dresses to sandals. Whether you’re in the market for something fun or simply enjoy a little cyber-window shop, I know you’ll get a kick out of what you’ll see so just keep scrolling to get started.

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