The 5 Worst Fashion Trends to Retire Now

I don’t know about you, but I just dove into my wardrobe for a big closet clear-out. I’ve added lots of items to my donation pile, from some trendy ones I never got around to wearing to pieces that just no longer work in my wardrobe.

If you’re similarly clearing out your closet of some items, here’s the good news: There are some really cool trends on our radar for the season ahead. Now’s the perfect time to test out rising trends and add some of the biggest pieces of the moment into your rotation. From the color that’s everywhere to the denim silhouette everyone’s wearing, I’ve picked out the coolest pieces to wear now.

Go on to find out the trends to consider retiring (and the ones to start wearing instead), and then shop my picks. And don’t forget—at the end of the day, you should really just wear what you love and feel the most comfortable in.

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