The 9 Summer Shoe Trends to Wear in 2022

Summer is all but here and so are the trends that are about to break for the season ahead. Minidresses are carving themselves out as must-buy pieces, cool swimsuits are unfolding on the market, and editor’s shopping carts are stocked with all of the items that are set to be big. While there are so many summer fashion things to know this year, I want to focus on the summer shoe trends that are primed to be major in 2022.

Fashion insiders are already starting to wear some of the most important shoe styles for summer. Among them, silhouettes like wedges and edgy knee-high boots have already been embraced and are only set to gain more traction throughout the summer season. Ready to take a look at the full list of summer shoe trends to commit to memory? Ahead, see the 9 most important styles that will define summer fashion.

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