The Easiest Spring Outfit With a Leather Jacket and Jeans

Given my role as a fashion editor, many people in my crew ask for styling and shopping recommendations. One of my friends recently wanted my thoughts on a cool outfit idea she could try this spring. The key is that she wanted something easy that involves just a few pieces. I immediately suggested one look that I’ve been seeing all over my Instagram feed over the last few months. Yes, I’m referring to an outfit featuring a leather jacket (bonus points for a relaxed style) and baggy jeans. In terms of the other pieces, it’s all about easy basics like a simple knit and loafers.

To showcase this outfit formula further in all its glory, I’m sharing some of my favorite interpretations of the look below. You’ll notice that each ensemble is unique in its own right, but all have that similar on-trend vibe. If you’re in the mood to shop and want to add any fresh pieces to your closet, there are also inspired product recommendations throughout. 

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