The Founder of Mara Shares Her Skincare Essentials


Allison McNamara

McNamara mirrors the brand’s simple skincare philosophy in her own “less is more” routine. “You can have incredible skin in three steps or less, which is why at Mara we always say, ‘Cleanse, treat, hydrate.’ It’s really as simple as that,” she says. “Skincare should be intuitive, and your routine should have all the key ingredient pillars that you cycle through depending on the needs of your skin, which change daily based on environment, hormones, and stress levels.” 

Since great skin starts on the inside and flows outward, McNamara bolsters her simple skincare routine with a robust wellness routine. “I start off every day by setting the day’s intentions and journaling, followed by a few minutes of morning sunlight to balance my circadian rhythm and my skincare routine,” she says. “I believe that wellness starts within, so a healthy diet, moving my body, and practicing gratitude have transformed my life over the past few years. I do Pilates four times a week along with long walks and hikes. I finish every night off with magnesium supplements, reading, journaling, and some light visualization meditation. Spending time on and with ourselves goes so far beyond skincare. It’s being present in your body with your thoughts and appreciating all that it does for you each day.” Ahead, see 23 beauty and wellness items that make McNamara look and feel her best. 

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