The Most Classic Wardrobe Essentials, According to a Stylist

We’ve been followers of Roz Kaur for years given her unique and inspiring style. She also happens to work in the business, and has been styling for 27 years. Kaur has been building out wardrobes for decades, and over time, has zeroed in on specific pieces that consistently work for her clients and herself. These front-runners have ended up becoming the backbone of her closet over the years because of their timeless and versatile nature.

Kaur is sharing the classics for you below in case you’re looking for a bit of styling or shopping inspiration as you continue on your sartorial journey. While Kaur has her own iterations of the items in question based on her preferences, there are a variety of interpretations of each classic (as showcased in the product recommendations) to suit a variety of styles. Keep scrolling to check out Kaur’s current wardrobe essentials. 

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