This Summer, the Perfect Platinum Pixie Is The Style You Want!

Having trouble coming up with a new style for your summer look that would completely transform your appearance? Do not waste any more time browsing Pinterest because the timing is right to cut your hair short and be carefree, and we have just the perfect style for you!

Many of us are looking forward to making our debuts as we return to brunches with our girls, but nothing beats a fresh look, and according to professional hairstylist, Brandon “UNO” Williams, the perfect platinum pixie is the way to turn heads!

The Perfect Platinum Pixie is short, low maintenance, and eye-catching,” says Williams. “For the summer, you want something easy and carefree, and that’s exactly what this style provides. No matter what you’re wearing, the style will speak for itself.”

If you’re concerned about whether or not this is a look that fits your face, Williams, the Founder and CEO of Hair by Uno, says that this style is something that is perfect for anyone that has the confidence to rock it. “We have clients from all walks of life, shapes, sizes, and genders who wear this look. Like with most things, your confidence is what sells the look. If you’re exuding positive energy, this look is for you,” Williams explains. 

To achieve the Perfect Platinum Pixie, you want to be sure to ask your stylist the right questions. The first question should be, “Are you a certified Perfect Platinum Pixie Specialist?” 

According to Williams, there are 300 certified specialists using his method, which he developed after years of testing and researching. “It has always been said that it wasn’t possible to achieve a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair for women of color without complete damage or hair loss,” Williams explains. “The Perfect Platinum Pixie technique allows same-day blonding and straightening services for textured hair with little to no damage.”

Williams’ approach is effectively a game-changer in the industry. This look can be achieved by women of color (particularly Black women) with little to no hair damage. Clients from all around the world are now sporting the style.

UNO advises being absolutely honest with your stylist about your hair and health history before embarking on this hair journey. It can affect the outcome of your hair if you’ve recently colored it, been on certain medications, have just had surgery, or even if you’ve had COVID. “All of those things matter, whether you’re getting a Perfect Platinum Pixie or a French roll,” he tells us.

What we like best about the Perfect Platinum Pixie is that it allows you to experiment with different looks. It can be used as a blank canvas when you wish to switch it up. “You can be bold and add color, like red, pink, or purple,” Williams affirms. “You can also wear your hair wavy, straight, spiked, or even a wet look.” 

Williams offers these tips for maintenance:

  1. LEAVE IT ALONE! I know people love to run their fingers through their hair, but for this look, the less manipulation, the better! Excessive combing of your hair can lead to breakage, and that’s with any look that includes the bleaching of your tresses. 
  2. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin bonnet. You don’t want a cotton fabric to rub against your edges or your hair. I know many clients who wear headwraps or hijabs, and they make sure to have something that is satin underneath to protect their hair. 
  3. Use Platinum Protect. This product lubricates the hair, creates shine and softness while sealing the cuticle surface, and provides a silky finish and texture.
  4. LISTEN to your stylist. They are the experts. Forget everything you thought you knew about your hair or what your friend’s cousin told you to do. Follow the instructions given by your stylist, and your hair will thank you for it. 


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