Vanessa Hudgens on 3 Skin-Clearing Products She Swears By

When I ask Hudgens about her personal skincare routine, it’s surprisingly minimal. “Well, I can just take you through what I did this morning, I guess. I literally wake up and the first thing I do is throw the mask on while I’m waking up. I don’t even give myself time to think about it; I just toss it on. The scent feels like a nice, relaxing, awakening start to my day. Then I’ll check my phone and brush my teeth. Then I hop in the shower and rinse it off.”

From there, it’s time for cleanser, a toner-serum hybrid, tinted moisturizer, and sunscreen. “I’ve been using whatever cleanser is in my shower,” she laughs. “I move around so much, so consistency for me is a challenging thing.” 

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