White Shirt Dresses For Women: Collared, T-Shirt & More

Lightweight and sunlight-reflective, the white shirt dress is a warm-weather staple you can wear (and keep wearing) all the way through Labor Day. Known and loved for its simplicity, the frock is quite literally a no-frills way to be in a dress without feeling dressed up. Don’t let the effortlessness fool you, though — this trend is a lot more varied than it sounds. In addition to button-front styles and the classic oversized t-shirt silhouette, there are shirt dresses that can be wrapped, belted, or tied to suit your look. (Pretty much any top that can be lengthened and loosened for the ultimate, carefree summer vibe counts.) The little black dress may forever maintain its tight grip on the evening wear-essentials category — but, when it comes to easy-breezy summer attire, the shirt dress reigns supreme.

If you’re ready to get out of that sweatsuit and into something more a little more seasonal, then check out 20 of our favorite shirt dresses ahead. 

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