Who To Follow On TikTok To Make Your FYP A Better Place

Join this sweet spot of the internet. As the unofficial gay parents of TikTok, Grey, a gender-fluid Afro-Indigenous 25-year-old, and Grayson, a 24-year-old transmasc, created a space that embraces gender identities, queer visibility, and intersectional queerness. You’ll feel their love radiating through your screen after watching snippets of their life together, from getting ready to making flower arrangements, and listening to Billie Holiday in the kitchen. “[We thought] let’s just be the really gay parents [on TikTok], which is what we are in real life to our friends and our communities,” Grayson tells Refinery29. “Our home immediately became the house that all the kids came to, and we want anyone to come and feel safe and feel loved.”

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